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Week 11

I absolutely love this picture of the mom and baby giraffe’s! They are so adorable and cute. Neely has this picture framed on a wall at her parent’s house and I love looking at it. It would be so awesome to see this in person and if I was the photographer I would absolutely feel blessed to see this sight. It is so motherly and warm. Just looking at it makes you feel good inside, so I am sure that seeing it live was even better. The photographer probably tried really hard to get this picture and it really paid off because it’s awesome!

Week 11 Reblog

I absolutely love these sidewalk murals. They are so awesome! I remember a while back my dad sent me and email with a bunch of these kinds of pictures. They are all just so neat. I wish I could do something like that. They tend to mess with your head when you look at them and I think that if I were to walk across it and look down suddenly then I would probably get really freaked out. The artists of these have such wild and awesome imaginations. Hey must dream about these things at night and create them in their heads. It is just so cool.





As I was browsing through pictures looking for what image i could use for my essay, I came across quite a few pictures of 3D artwork that’s actually drawn with chalk on sidewalks. The person who took this picture is trying to show how imaginative some artists are. I think it’s very difficult to draw something like this and make it look so realistic. There are many 3D images that look a lot better, but i liked this one in particular because of the little girl standing on the edge of the building. I find it funny how she bends over as if she was trying to look down from the top of the building. It left me wondering how realistic these drawings may be.


When I look at this picture it reminds me of sociology. The little girl standing on the edge because to her it looks like if she walks any further she might fall in! The age that children learn depth perception is like toddler, and this girl is young, I’m not sure exact age. This chalk drawing is very elaborate. The artist did a spectacular job! I really had to look at this picture for a few seconds to figure out it was not real. I think this will make a great paper!

Wk 11

I think that this drawing had a lot of work put into it. At the top it shows certain clothing companies and many skyscrapers. The most funny thing I observed was the little girl standing on the drawing and looking down as if it was real. It shows how young and naive children are today. They will believe almost anything that anyone tells them and that is supported by her looking down upon the picture. Another thing I believe the artist was trying to convey is how people do not really notice things in life. People have to make bold statements if they want something to be noticed or to be taught.

Week 10

This is video of Beyond Belief Dance Company from Mesquite Texas. They are the best studio trained dance company I have ever seen. Their technique just amazes me and I love watching their exciting and fun routines. When I was in high school I was the major of our dance team and these guys were at a lot of our competitions. We did not compete directly with them because they are a different category of dance, but they were good entertainment. To me if a dance is entertaining and keeps your attention then it is probably a good routine. I just love how they dance with so much passion and enthusiasm. You can really tell that they love what they do and love to flaunt their ability with confidence. I just love them!

Week 10 Reblog

I agree, I like all of the advancements in technology today and I love it when new and exciting things come out. I think everybody enjoys these easy and fun things. Why would you not like them when they make your life easier and sometimes even more fun and enjoyable? But I can also see how technology has become a lazy thing. People tend to put off other things because technology is easier and less work. This means less exercise in many cases and that creates bad habits. People are indeed getting larger in our world. If people could use and enjoy technology and still stay fit and healthy then there would be no problems. But that is asking for a lot.


Week 9 Reblog

I know that ya’ll are saying that technology is taking over the world. I don’t mind it though. I like being able to grab a movie at 2 in the morning, and going to the bank for a quick $20. When are the human robots coming? Yeah, it makes us seem incredibly lazy but I think stuff like this is just convenient. There are downfalls though, people are becoming larger and larger because of technology. Things like entertainment make it harder for us to get up to get some exercise done. Technology also hurts our employment rate in the US. The more technology improves, the less work there is for people who need it. Technology is replacing people.



Technology can be a good and bad thing.  If we didn’t have technology at all think of how much harder life would be, you wouldn’t have microwaves, refrigerators, computers, TV, dishwashers, cellphones, dryers, and many other things we take for granted.  These things all make our lives easier in many ways.  The problem is people have started becoming EXTREMELY lazy and relying on technology for basically everything.




We were warned, but we didn’t listen. Yes it is sad. The Redbox kiosk has virtually put BlockBuster out of business to where soon you will be renting thier movies out of a Bluebox. You can do all of your banking from a 24 hour ATM. Rent a car from the airport from the Alamo kiosk. Sign in to the minute clinic kiosk at walgreens when you arive for your appiontment. And now you can get 99 tacos for 2 cent (ha) from Jacks kiosk. But we cant say we weren’t warned in advanced several years ago. My main example will be Theodore Kaczynski (The Unabomber). Yes the unabomber from the 1980’s. Theodore was actually a VERY smart man that was a Harvard undergraduate, had a PhD in mathmatics from University of Michigan, and was a professor at University of California, Berkeley. But what drove the unabomber to the brink of insanity was the wilderness around his home being destroyed by development and technology. He said that technology was going to rot the minds of our children and take the jobs of our fathers. So he decided to send bombs to the CEO’s of high tech companys such as Boeing. As much as I hate to say it, it looks like Mr. Kaczynski was right.

Wk 9

I agree with you completely. This world relies to much on technology and it has become a major problem in the United States. There are so many electronics where people used to work and this has effected our employment growth rate. People are starting to depend to much on technology and not enough with their own skills. This picture shows how much our world has changed. First off by showing how we now have fast food restaurants wherever people go. Second off there are electronics machine that have taken the place of people’s job. This is so absurd, because society should be relying on themselves to survive not a machine.


WOW! This is so crazy. As soon as I saw this picture, I knew I just had to reblog this! I can not believe what our world has come to. Everything is so convienent…too convienent. We have taken all of the hard work out of our daily lives. We compensate doing work for sitting on the computer; Instead of walking downstairs to ask someone a question or talk to them, we use our cell phones to call them so that we do not have to get up or move; Walking somewhere doesnt even exist anymore, there is only driving, and not that the drive thru was not convienent enough, but now you can simply use this machine to order your meal and pay for it. It makes me think, “what will soon be the use for humans?” Scary thought. This is crazy! I agree with yall.

Week 9

This weekend my friends Neely, Dillon, Rodge, and I went to Dallas and saw the premier of this movie at Dallas Movie Grill. It was really cool driving there and going to the actual grill. It was really nice and the best part is that the movie tickets were free because my dad won them for me. But anyways, enough about that and more about the movie. The movie was super funny. I think I laughed almost ninety nine percent of the time. It was just hilarious! It is about this group of guys that live on a boat in the ocean and b broadcast a rock radio channel that becomes illegal. Despite the show becoming illegal the team goes on with the show anyways and gets into trouble. I believe that the writer of this movie did a really good job in showing the decade of the time and how people really felt about this music. It is a great movie and everyone should go see it.


Wk 9

This video was so inspiring to me. It shows how many people get discouraged in life, but they never give up. It trying to convey a message about how in life people have to take risks. Even if they feel like they want to give up they need to keep striving towards there goals. It also shows that there is greatness in everyone, and people just need to dig deep inside to find it. When someone tries to bring you down you should not listen to them, because they do not know what your capable of, only you know that. This video showed me how much people can fail at time, but get right back up and try again. This is how everyone should view life.

Week 9 Reblog

This video was so inspiring to watch. I could not believe all of the interesting stories behind those people and what they went through before they became successful. If you really think about it, having to fail before you succeed is a true statement. If I think back on my like I can name a bunch of things that I have failed at and done wrong, but then when I really think about it they all ended up leading to something that turned out to be great and I succeeded. I think that they maker of this video was trying to spread inspiration to people to keep trying and to push everyone to work hard and not become discouraged by the failures because hard work will eventually pay off. This was a very inspiring video in my opinion.

Mass Murder

Week 8

Wow, there are not enough words to describe the sorrow I have for the people involved in this shooting. To think that this happened in Texas is scary and for it to have been by a doctor adds to it even more. A mental Health doctor went on a rampage and started shooting people out of nowhere. It is an awful situation, leaving 12 dead and 31 wounded. I cannot believe that this actually happened. I know people going to Fort Hood soon so I am praying for them and I hope that all goes well. They are in my thoughts and so are the people involved in this horrific situation.



I about DIED laughing when i first saw this! The dad videotaping this video was trying to catch a funny moment that his song had as a child. Its just hilarious what little kids do and say. I think the funniest ages are when kids are toddlers, they say exactly whats on their mind. This poor kid was being so sincere about his concern for his brother and to have his dad just laugh at him made him so frustrated, I think I would have reacted in the same way!


I felt sorry for this kid; it reminds me when I have something important to say and no one takes it serious when I was a kid. When your a kid, everything you did seemed to be adorable even when it was something urgent like needing to use the restroom immediately.  He sort of shows the frustration that people have when in the same situation. This video is hilarious though only because I read the caption; it was his fault that his brother was bleeding.  Feeling totally responsible, he wants to get help for his brother, which leads to the frustration.  Plus this kid is just saying “blood” is funny.

Week 8 Reblog

This video is so cute. I know a bunch of toddlers that act like this and get frustrated and I cannot help but laugh at them either. I can imagine being in this little boy’s position and having my father laugh at me when I am trying to be serious and I would get frustrated too. It is just so cute, and I believe that that is why the father wanted to video him and catch it on tape, because it is hilarious and it brings smiles to peoples faces. He just wanted to catch something funny and the little boy did a very good job of that I think.



This video shows all the adorable tigers and other animals that are rescued from homes that cannot take care of them. I love animals so much and I feel like they all need special care especially animals that are wild. This video shows that there are so many wild animals out there that are not taken care for in the right way. It tells us that they need to be in a place like this one where they can be properly taken care of and fed correctly. The author is showing that animals need to be heavily taken care of and cannot be in the hands of someone who does not know what they are doing.

Week 7 Reblog

This video is really cool to watch. I like that the center that all the animals are at have been rescued and taken in. They all needed help so they are helping them out and I think that that is really cool. I wish that I could participate in a place like that and help animals. I love animals as well and I think that working in an animal shelter or something would be really fun and rewarding, especially working with exotic animals. The potbelly pig was the cutest animal in there though. It put a huge smile on my face when I saw it, even though tigers are my favorite animals.

Week 7

Last week I went and saw Paranormal Activity in theatres and I literally was gripping the seat I was so scared. It was really intense. The movie is about a girl who is haunted by something in her house and she cannot ever get away from it. Every night it shows up in their house and something creepy happens. The writer did a very good job at portraying the creativity and scariness of this movie. It differs from most other scary movies and it really freaked me out. I was even thinking about it almost the rest of the day. I suggest everyone go and see it!

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